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Re: The Cuddly Cabin Throw

By 10:11 AM

A couple of months ago I purchased the Cuddly Cabin Throw and blogged about it. I have had the throw for about 4.5 months. 

It's been washed, and the fibers kind of fused together (you can see this in pic one versus pic two) so it's less fur-like, but it's still incredibly soft and warm and cuddly. 

Harper enjoying the blanket
Cuddly Cabin Throw in the background of a fun game of Jenga
Last month of paper budget + cuddling

Today, however, the Cuddly Cabin Throw met a new milestone. 

A few weeks ago we were hit with an incredible amount of snow and it's been slowly melting...last night, we got a bit of rain and coupled with the melting snow, my back yard has a giant mini-pond (okay, large puddle) in the middle of the yard. 

This morning when Harper went out to potty, she of course joyously ran through the mud several times. And then, as me and Chase were trying to dry her off when she came in, she escaped from the clutches of the towel and ran across the couch, hitting the blanket as she ran. The blanket is now, for the first time, dirty because of Harper. I am, however, rather pleased that it took almost five months for this to happen. 

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