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Happy second birthday, Harper!!

By 5:08 PM

Today my beautiful puppy turns two. In honor of her second birthday, here is a snapshot of her last year.

March 2014

Harper and Lexi had a joint birthday party, where they had a blast!

April 2014

Harper had fun with one of her favorite humans

She smiled a lot.

May 2014

She enjoyed the swimming pool with her best friend

June 2014

Mommy took Harper to the ER Vet, where we took this pitiful selfie.

It turns out she had a bad UTI.
She also took this picture that evening, already feeling better with medicine.

July 2014

She asked to go play more.
*Some dogs are allergic to corn; Harper is not. Also, dogs cannot digest corn cobs, and consuming a whole corn cob can and likely will result in surgery, so do not let your dog eat corn on the cob unsupervised!!!!!!

She waited in bed for her Mommy, who had to visit her Granny in the hospital a lot.

August 2014

She was occasionally adorably darpy. 
But she was always adorable.

September 2014

Mama let her play fetch in the bedroom
And she played fetch outside.

She tried to make friends with Chase's roommate's dog.

October 2014

She pointed out the location of the chuck-it
She occasionally rested after playing ball.

November 2014

She was photogenic.
She inspected the tinsel.

December 2014

She celebrated Christmas with some rough-housing
She loved on one of her favorite humans

January 2015

She stayed with her grandparents and was accused of chasing the Chihuahua, and was probably guilty.
She made herself at home on the bed.
And wore Chase's Boston hat.

February 2015

She smiled for the camera.
She played in the snow in her coat, a day after her and mommy were locked in the cold.
She loved the snow

March 2015

She played in a second snow storm.

She learned a new trick!

She pulled a muscle and scared her mom. (We went to the ER again!)
She turned two!

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