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I was hacked.

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This morning while I was at work, one of my friends texted me with the message, "Ray Bans Sale??" 

My first thoughts were, well that's nice, I would like to have some RayBans, but even with my tax return money, I don't feel comfortable spending my money on $100 sunglasses, even though I love RayBans and am so sad that I misplaced my pair of them. Even if there's an amazing sale or you have a coupon for me. 

But then I received another text message from someone else. "I think you got hacked. I was tagged in an photo album about a RayBans sale."

I quickly pulled up my Facebook page, which I don't even fool with very often, to find that I had posted a lovely album with photos of "RayBans" on sale for like $20. (Yeah, right.)

My stomach kind of dropped, because I don't consider myself to be the kind of person that would be an easy target.

I don't log in my Facebook account on the iPads when I visit the Apple store. While my password isn't as intense as the one Chase designed for the wifi, I don't have a password like 1234, either. I wouldn't be fooled if someone sent me an email and told me I needed to change my Facebook password. I don't have access to the email account associated with my Facebook account. I don't even use Facebook very often. 

So how did I get hacked?

That's the part that makes me feel so uncomfortable. Do I have keystroke logging software on my phone? Was a hacker/spambot able to crack my password or my security questions? Security questions, despite their name, aren't that secure at all. People are intense over-sharers these days, and it's not uncommon to see someone post a photo of them during their childhood: #throwbackthursday to when I grew up on Apple Street. Or today just remembering my beloved childhood dog, Sparticus. Or photo of my mom, Mary Smith Jones, when she was in middle school. Yes, those are a little too blatant, but people share a lot...and they share things like that.

I didn't think I was one of those people. 

But somehow, someone hacked me. Maybe all they did was post an album that linked to a fraudulent RayBan sale probably based in a foreign country, but it was startling and a major invasion of my privacy. 

It's easy to think that something won't happen to you. I won't get heart disease because I eat healthy. I won't get lung cancer because I don't smoke. I won't get robbed because I don't flaunt my wealth. (Also, I'm not wealthy, so perhaps that should read 'I won't get robbed because I'm not wealthy.') I won't get hacked because I am an intelligent, informed internet citizen. 

Bad things can happen, despite our best efforts to avoid them. 

But don't tempt fate and over-share information or do any of the things I listed in the "I don't...." paragraph.

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