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Another snow day!

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What a winter we have had in Kentucky this year! We've had two separate snow storms that have prevented me from getting into work. 

I look forward to when I'm actually a teacher and I don't have to even attempt to get out in the snow when it's so dangerous. It's my personal view that the city should just shut down when it's so dangerous out there. I heard several rounds of sirens going down the main road near my house yesterday...snowy slick roads can be so dangerous!

We were scheduled to get another 8-14" with this new snowstorm, and it delivered, with 11" at my house.

The beginnings of the snow before bedtime Wednesday night
What a beautiful snow cake Thursday morning. 

Snowpocalypse 2 2015 was a little more exciting because I got to spend it with Chase, but we both had to spend most of the day working hard. He telecommuted for the day and I had to finish up some assignments for the last day of one of my Spring I classes. 

However, it was still a great, relaxing snow day! 

Harper had an excellent day, getting to spend it with her two favorite hoomans and one of her favorite things: snow. 

I now officially have two more A's to add to my grad school transcript, and Harper is working hard at adding a new trick to her repertoire. I started teaching her to "be pretty" yesterday, which is basically to beg, and I think a big dog just looks absolutely adorable sitting up like that. 

All in all, it was an incredibly successful day. I just love surprise days off!

Heart-shaped sugar cookies for me and Chase!

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