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DIY Mugs

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Have you seen those cute custom mugs before??

I decided to make some.

Here's everything you need, plus some things you could probably do without:
  • Plain mugs
  • transfer paper (optional)
  • computer, printer (optional)
  • porcelain pen
  • cookie sheet (optional)
  • oven

Start out with some nice plain cups. I got these mugs for $1 at my local dollar tree. They were pretty nice-looking but you did have to glance over the mugs before you picked one because they did have some imperfections.

I got some transfer paper at hobby lobby, it's just graphite transfer paper. It was like $7 for 20 sheets or something like that. This is optional, but since I'm a perfectionist, I want everything to look just so, so I need it. If you don't have a local hobby lobby or comparable craft store and are a perfectionist like me, Wal-mart has something that'll do in a pinch. They don't sell carbon paper, sadly, but in the office supplies where they have guest checks, they stock some of the old-fashioned guest checks with carbon paper. You can rip the carbon paper out of the back of the guest checks and use it for transfer paper for crafting!

I picked a pretty font out online and installed it and then printed out the names of some of my friends for these mugs. Don't have any awesome fonts? Check out dafont and google fonts. Center and level your sheet of paper.

Trace over your letters with anything hard, like a pen or pencil. I used a blue pen, which you can kind of see.

Your tracing doesn't have to be 100% perfect, which mine isn't.

Next step: going over your tracings with the porcelain pen. Now I've seen online on pinterest that you can do this with a sharpie. I also read that if you do this with a sharpie, it won't work. I'm not really keen on taking chances...if you're going to do something, do it right. I used a porcelain pen from Hobby Lobby that is designed to be put on porcelain/glass/ceramic stuff. It was only $3.99, which you can probably see from the picture. And Hobby Lobby puts out a 40% off coupon every single week, so there's no excuse not to use a coupon! With the coupon, this would only be like $2.63, counting tax.  

The "thin" tip was a little thicker than I would've liked, but I still think it's quite cute!

Bake your mugs as your pen directs. I believe mine said bake at 400° in an un-preheated oven for 40 minutes. So put the mugs in (I put mine on a cookie sheet but you could probably just stick them in your oven), turned the oven on 400. Then, after my oven said it was heated to 400, I set a timer for 40 minutes. That may not be right, but the directions on my pen were a little vague and that's how I interpreted them. 

The finished mugs!

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