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The Soap Incident and How I Spend All of My Money on my Dog

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This actually happened quite a long time ago, but some things take pretty long before you can actually laugh about them. 

The day of The Soap Incident was a fairly normal morning—I got up too late, rushed through a bath, and was out the door for work. 

When I came home from work, I noticed two things:

  1. Harper had gotten sick.
  2. Harper had not eaten her breakfast.

I got Harper out of her crate, gave her a little inspection, and then went to cleaning up her mess.

As I was cleaning it up, I found something very interesting: a little pink piece of soap.

Now let me tell you something about Harper. 

She's a Labrador puppy. I have been blessed because over the course of her puppy life, she has chewed two small holes in a bra and ate two socks. Harper has always been provided with lots of bones and chew toys, so I think she has never been inclined to eat my stuff. So I'm lucky. There are, however, two things that Harper does like: used tissues/napkins and soap

our favorite soap.

When Harper was a baby puppy, she loved to run to the bathroom and lick the soap. Once she actually at a small soap remnant. After this incident, I'm pretty sure I called the poison control hotline and then took her to the vet. 

She never missed a beat that time. I moved my soap to a new, higher location, and we all went along as normal.

This, however, was much different. 

After finding the soap remnant in her mess, I ran into the bathroom, where there was no soap to be found. Also, I remembered that I had just opened a new bar of soap, so Harper had eaten an entire bar of soap. Because I had been running so late, I had obviously forgotten to put the soap back where it goes (up on one of the shelves, out of doggy reach). 

Harper seemed a little droopier than usual, but we still played ball, her favorite game. Later that evening, she threw up again. 

We went to bed usual time—too late—and then it began.

I woke up to the sound of Harper throwing up. Which is always lovely, not only because I have to worry about my doggy's health, but because my bedroom is entirely carpeted and I have a rental. 

I patted Harper's head and tried to comfort her and then moved along to cleaning up her newest vom spot.

And then I heard it again. 

I started cleaning up Harpy's mess and then had to run to the bathroom to make my own mess. By the time I had cleaned up that spot, she was at it again. This time, I grabbed the nearest bowl (her empty food bowl—sorry, Harps) to try to catch it. Apparently, though, a vomiting dog isn't really too keen on having a dish shoved in her face, so I was only partially successful.

I then found a larger bowl I could use to try to vom-catch, which proved more successful in subsequent voms.

After several more voms, I grew even more concerned. At this point, I began considering the ER vet, which last time I went to, cost approximately $300 (my dog had a UTI, and I don't think it even bothered her, just her mom). I called my mom (at 3:00 in the morning) to discuss this possibility with her.

I was really wanting to take Harper, but I didn't really want to wander around in the middle of the night. No thank you. I am a scaredy-cat. 

At this point, I tried to lay down and sleep, because I was super exhausted. Harper was still pacing back and forth. She wouldn't get on the bed with me, which is quite unusual (I assume she didn't want to get sick on the bed—thanks, Harp!). She plopped down on the ground next to my bed, instead. She then vomited another two times. I caught some of it in the vom bucket.

After much consideration, I decided that if she vomited one more time, I needed to take her. At this point, Harper decided to get on my bed. She laid down and went to sleep. I went ahead and called our vet and left a message to let them know I was dropping off Harper in the morning so they could watch her. I really like that I can do this for free with the Vet we use. We use Banfield, which is the vet in some select PetSmart stores. We have a wellness plan that we pay a flat fee for every month ($24.99) and this includes all necessary shots, several preventative check-ups, unlimited free vet visits, and discounts on everything. I really like that I can take Harper for a check-up any time for free (although I'm technically paying for it monthly, I like that the costs are distributed throughout the year). 

The next morning, Harper seemed to be in much better form, even begging me to play ball with her,  but I still took her, because I would worry all day if I didn't—and hey, it was free.

At around lunchtime, I got a call asking for approval for approximately four different anti-nausea medications, which I approved two of. (See what I mean about spending all of my $$ on my dog?) The vet also instructed me to feed Harper a bland diet (rice, cottage cheese) for a little while to be gentle on her stomach. 

So, like any normal human, I went out and purchased rice for my dog, and proceeded to make three cups of it (aka an entire week's worth—who knew rice grew so darn much during cooking!). 

And then Harper got better. That evening, you never would've known how sick she was the night before.

For the record, the total vom count was 11. 

**none of these pics were taken when Harps was actually sick. The two "sick" ones are just her in various states of sleep. 

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