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A Real Person Debates Nail Polish versus DIY Gel Nails

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Very pretty....very shiny....just like right after you've gotten them done at the salon. (No one can replicate salon-shiny nails at home and we all know it.)

Except...I didn't just go to a nail salon.

I did these exactly one week ago.

The pictures actually don't do the shine justice. 

I used Gel Nail Polish for this manicure. 

And maybe you should, too.

I tend to go in cycles, where I will use Gel polish for a few times and then I'll go back to nail polish. I like to let my fingernails "rest" after using Gel polish because if you're impatient and don't take time in removing the Gel polish, you can damage your nails a bit (and I'll be honest, sometimes I'm quite impatient). Regular polish will last one good day for me. Then I shower and it starts chipping. Gel polish lasts a good week and a half (and can last up to two weeks). 

Nail polish can be applied in like two minutes. Gel polish probably takes closer to thirty. Nail polish can be removed in seconds. Gel polish takes time to remove—no less than 15 minutes. But Gel polish is worth it. 

Admittedly, a lot of the final result depends on your skill level. Gel nails are easy, but if your right hand (or left hand, if you are left-handed) always looks horrible, gel nails may be more difficult for you to apply. If you paint your cuticles or get too much paint in the crevice between your nail and the side of your finger, you will experience early lifting of the gel product because it is not properly adhered. 

Unfortunately, while writing this post, I discovered that my favorite gel polish brand, Gelish, does animal testing. I have been scoping out new polish brands because animal testing just isn't okay with me. I have sent out emails to China Glaze and Orly, two companies that have traditionally been cruelty-free (but things can change). 

I have since heard a response from Orly:
Since day one, 38 years ago, ORLY has always had a strict policy against testing our products on animals. ORLY products have always been vegan and we do not use animal by-products in our ingredients.

Specifically, in regards to testing in China, we have recently confirmed that ORLY products are not being tested on animals by the Chinese authorities during their approval process to import our products to be sold in the Chinese marketplace
I did send one response out to Orly to double-check on some of the wording in the second paragraph—they state that the testing isn't done by the authorities, but I want to make sure that it isn't done by anyone. 

I am hoping that the response is "no animal testing is done. period." because I have already lined up a couple of very pretty Orly SmartGel colors to try out. Also, you can purchase Orly from Zappos, which is great. I have a pretty strong relationship with online shopping—I love having stuff sent to me versus me having to go get it. 

If Orly works out, this could be the beginning of a beautiful relationship. 


My email to orly:
I do have one more question. I see that you noted that the Chinese authorities are not doing testing, but it is also true that they are not contracting the testing out? That is, there is no animal testing in regards to getting your products into the Chinese marketplace?
And their response:
Yes, that is correct.
I have ordered two gel polish colors from Orly to try out. I am very excited to hear of this news! 

Orly "Luxe" SmartGel

Orly "Star Spangled" SmartGel

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